is a KA2 strategic, pedagogical development project.

Five Actions

The project is working with different pedagogical methods and challenges from a student’s, teacher’s and an organizational perspective.

The five methods or challenges, called actions by the project, have been tested, evaluated and quality-improved by the partners.

Subject of the actions are:

Student’s motivation in the meeting in the class room – Breakfast Pitch
Teachers preparation in teams – FUP
Student’s evaluation of themselves – Learningmeter
Student’s evaluation of teachers, education, the educational environment etc.
Transformation of collected data to qualify education and teaching in the classroom and to prevent drop out

Five Partners

Quali4all is driven by five partners from vocational colleges in The Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey and Denmark.

The participating colleges are:
Graafschap College, The Netherlands
INETE, Portugal
ISMEK, Turkey
Landstede, The Netherlands
SOSU H, Denmark

Actions & evaluations

This action, Breakfast Pitch is originally the contribution from Graafschap College, and this presentation is a cooperation between Graafschap, Inete and SOSU H.

It’s an exciting way of inviting the students to hear their voices in a setting of equalized power relations between the students and in this case their potential future employers or School director.

Students are invited to a real breakfast setting, with coffee and a Danish, and here express and discuss subjects close to their hearts regarding their future educational steps.

Landstede College, the Netherlands work with a socalled Learning Meter, here both the student and hers or his teacher, together evaluate the students present learning level.

See a short overview here and a short description

Learn from this presentation how ISMEK works with Student’s evaluation

They focus on:

  • Evaluation of Education
  • Evaluation of the Teacher
  • Physical Environment
  • Environment of ISMEK

The project has been sharing best practices in increasing the quality of education with a systematic approach by actively involving mainly students but also teachers and classes.

Teachers preparation – FUP is about preparing for class in teams, so that the education the student receive is of same quality and same consistency all through the organisation.

INETE has been working with and developing a frame to predict, when students are not feeling satisfied in school and furthermore prevent drop out. You can read the conclusions here