Short introduction to SOSU H


Educations at SOSU H

SOSU H offers vocational education and training within social, health and child care educations. We also offer a wide range of qualifying job-retraining programs for adults.

Our training programs are

  • 10th. grade
  • Basic Course 1, 2, Plus & online 
  • Social- and Health Care Helper
  • Social- and Health Care Assistant
  • Educator/Pedagogical Assistant
  • EUX Welfare – which combines a general upper secondary education with vocational education and training. EUX in combination with Social and Health Care Assistant or Pedagogical Assistant

All programs are held in Danish.


About SOSU H

SOSU H has a history of more than 30 years. The college is a dynamic merger of several institutions.

SOSU H is the largest Social,- Health- and Child Care college in Denmark and are located at several campuses in Greater Copenhagen

We offer a wide scale of educational programmes within Social,- Health,- and Child care and are accredited and funded by the Danish Ministry of Education.

All main courses are sandwich type educations; school > training placements> school > training etc.


Overview of SOSU H educations

International partners

Since 2000, SOSU H has collaborated with partners in colleges in Finland, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. We have continuously applied for and received project funding for EU mobility projects currently from the Erasmus+ program.

SOSU H has been involved in partnership projects regarding development of education and quality. SOSU H is a member of the EfVET network.

We continously monitor and assess the quality of mobilities with our partners. We regularly receive visitors and students from our international partners and other delegates from both European countries and countries outside Europe.

International coordinators

Annie Kær Philipsen

PR- & International koordinator · 2510 3686

Bettina Cramer Kronqvist

International koordinator og administration, Kompetencecenter · 5164 3663